[2022-2023] Scholarship Awards and Grads' Felicitation - Regular, General, Adult (above 13 years)
July 23rd 2023
11:00 AM

Hello Friends,

This is a gentle reminder about RSVP to last signature program of the 2022-2023 DFWMM Committee ‘ यशस्वी भव! ’.

RSVP is now open at https://dfwmm.org/product/scholarship-awards-and-grads-felicitation

Program is FREE for all DFW Marathi families - members / non-members

Program overview

- Felicitation of 2023 graduates (High School, Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D.)

- Scholarship Awards ceremony

- Discuss progress on College Buddy Support initiative

Program is  FREE for all DFW Marathi families - members / non-members but RSVP is required

- DFWMM Committee 2022-23

DFWMM Elevate!

मंडळ आपलं कुटुंब!