Sankrant Celebration (Kids Talent Show) on January 19th @ Jack Singley Auditorium, Irving

We have reached maximum limit for our Talent show registration 


DFWMM Sankrant 2020

4601 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75038


Dear Members,

तिळात मिसळला गुळ,
त्याचा केला लाडू...
मधुर नात्यासाठी गोड गोड बोलू..!
चला आता संक्रांतीच्या तयारीला लागू..!
We are pleased to invite our members to celebrate Sankrant 2020 with us. Major attraction of the event will be kids talent show. Calling all our enthusiastic energy bundles to perform and light up the event. Please find details below.
We will be opening talent show entries on Thursday 21st, November at 6:00 PM

Talent Show (Kids 18 and below)

  • Participation is open for members (individual and family) aged 18 and below only
  • All participants must be DFWMM members
  • Group Leader must be DFWMM member
  • Performance time limit is 5 minutes for song/dance and 15 minutes for skit (limited entries)
  • Participant can perform in maximum two performances
  • Minimum 4 participants (including instrumentalist) are mandatory per group
  • Minimum 4 participants must be performing on the stage during the entire time slot
  • SOLO performance of any kind at any time is not permitted
  • Programming committee will review all entries for duration, content and quality
  • If you are unable to find enough participants for the performance, contact us at [email protected] and we will connect you with other enthusiastic participants in your area.




Program Schedule

2:00 PM - Registration begins, Talent show entry check-in
2:30 PM - Auditorium Doors open for Talent Show
3:00 PM - Talent Show starts
6:15 PM - Talent Show Ends
6:30 PM - Food Festival
8:30 PM - Cleanup



DFWMM Committee