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Bhondala 2017

D/FW Hindu Temple, 1605 N Britain Rd, Irving, TX 75061

Ladies, let’s celebrate the long cherished tradition of BHONDLA!
As the Sun transits into the thirteenth constellation of the zodiac called ‘Hasta’. All sixteen days between Ghatasthapana and Kojagiri Purnima see young girls and ladies celebrating the Bhondla (Hadga) with a great enthusiasm. A rangoli, representing a motif of elephant with garlands in it’s trunk, is drawn either on the floor or on a paat/chaurang. Like other Indian festivals Bhondla is connected to the nature and is celebrated after the rains of Hasta Nakshatra that bring good crops. In a way it's a thanks giving ritual to the nature which blesses mankind with prosperity. The girls go around the motif in a circle, holding each other's hands and singing the traditional Bhondla songs. Enjoy the fun of guessing the Khirapat before savoring it!
This is a DFWMM event open to all the ladies and girls in the community. RSVP is now closed.