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Sankrant Celebration (Kids Talent Show) on January 19th @ Jack Singley Auditorium, Irving


Diwali Talent Show Registration 2019

Performance entry registration policy:
  • Participants is open for members age 14 and above only
  • All participants must be DFWMM members
  • Group Leader must be DFWMM member
  • Performance time limit is 5 minutes for song/dance and 15 minutes for skit (limited entries)
  • Participants can perform in no more than 2 performances
  • Minimum 4 participants (including instrumentalist) per group
  • Programming committee will review all entries for timing, content and quality.

Due to time constraints, only those entries complying with participation policy will be considered for the program. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Guidelines to fill out registration form:

  • First 4 participant information is mandatory
  • For more than 4 participants, 5th to 10th participant information should be filled as needed
  • Fill out another entry form if you have more than 10 participants