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DFWMM Krida Mahostav FAQ

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about DFWMM Krida Mahotsav.
If you still have questions, please let us know. Thank You!
  1. What does the singles/doubles price cover?
The price covers registration for an individual and an entry for the sports event day. For doubles it covers price for 2 as a team but an individual will need to find a partner and register himself as a team and can spilt the price mutually. You have to manage your own equipment for the league. Non-members registering for multiple sports can take advantage low member rates by getting a discounted membership first (20$)
  1. What does League mean and how does it work?
Unlike a sports tournament, league will actually span over a period of time. E.g. Tables tennis league will start approx. mid April and will continue until may end. The format is displayed below. After the entries are closed, the draws with divisions will be posted online and the league will begin. The divisions will typically be in the group of 3 to 6 players depending on the entries and preferably from the same area (Frisco division, Irving Division etc.)
Both you and your opponent are responsible to contact each other. Contact details will be published and you should make every attempt to contact and arrange for the match. The matches should be played by mutually agreed time/date and in good faith. Contact your coordinator only for and escalation.
  1. Will there be a league for all sports?
There will be a league for popular sports like Table tennis and Carom where we are expecting more entries but for other sports, coordinator may arrange for a weekend and a place where all players can play their matches. It will depend on the entries and the sport. If we do not get enough entries for a league we may even cancel that league and refund the payment.
  1. What if I do not have the equipment to play?
Please touch base with the sports coordinator and he will help to find a facility for you. E.g. if you do not have a table tennis table at home your opponent may have it or you may want to find a nearby sports complex suitable to both of you.
  1. When is the sports day event?
The Sport event day will be sometime in June where we will have grand finals of Table tennis/Carom and chess. There also will be a Kids sports event with many competitive and fun sports for kids of all ages. 
League format:
Table Tennis league: (all dates are just for a sample) 

Division A


Division B


league Round1

League Round 2

League Round 3

Player 1

Player 2

Player 5

Player 6

Player1 Vs Player2

Player3 Vs Player4

Player1 Vs Player3

Player2 Vs player4

Player1 Vs Player4

and so on


Primary Week



Opponent name/contact 




April 20 – Apr 27

April 27 – May 03



May -03 

May – 10

Sameer Date (80080080800) 



League ends and playoff begins May 30.