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Board of Trustees


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Overview of Board of Advisors

The BoA brings unique knowledge and skill to more effectively govern the organization. It cannot issue directives that must be followed by the Executive Committee. It only serves to make recommendations for the consideration by Executive Committee of the DFWMM.

Members of Advisory board /should:

  1. Carry out the organization’s mission in accordance with the purpose stated in getting qualified as a nonprofit organization.
  2. Be actively working with other members of BoA’s and DFWMM Executive committee to advance the DFWMM’s mission and goals.
  3. Make sure that DFWMM is abiding by all applicable laws and regulations and doesn’t engage in illegal or unauthorized activities.
  4. Ensure continuity of the activities of the DFWMM. Render guidance and share best practices to the Executive Committee in the matters of finances, programs, donations/subscriptions, etc. as needed / if required.
  5. Oversee and provide support, to the Executive Committee in their operations, and strive to ensure that all members of the Executive Committee, BoA, volunteers and appointees follow the policies, processes created and adopted by the DFWMM and identify if any deviations from the by-laws. 
  6. Assist the DFWMM as needed in fund-raising and public relations activities in coordination with the Executive Committee.
  7. Review the long-term needs of the Corporation’s membership and making recommendations to the Executive Committee for necessary actions
  8. Monitor the operations of the Corporation to verify that they are in keeping with its long-term objectives and making recommendations to the Executive Committee to align the operations to long-term objectives if needed.
  9. If warranted, suggesting amendment to the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws to the Executive Committee to enhance abilities of the Corporation to meet stated goals and purposes
  10. Be able to read and understand financial reports and be willing to review expenditures and examine variances. And provide recommendations with their expertise as applicable.
  11. Place the interests of the organization ahead of their own interests at all times.
  12. Publicly disclose any conflicts of interests and not use BoA service/s as a means for personal or commercial gain.
  13. Be actively participating in BoA meetings. BoA should meet at least once every quarter along with president and should note all proceedings, with Secretary of DFWMM and decisions made in these meetings. 
  14. Keep records and submit expenses timely to the Executive Committee/treasurer of any financial dealing/obligation with a copy to Secretary of DFWMM
  15. Not engage in any activity that adversely impacts the DFWMM and/or its membership, the schedule of events, the funds of the DFWMM, and the goals/mission of the DFWMM.
  16. The Board of Advisor/s may call a special meeting to discuss special issue(s) or urgent issue(s) by giving the other members of the Board of Advisors and the President of the Corporation at least two weeks’ prior notice. The notice of any meeting shall provide the agenda for such meeting and adequate information on the issue to be discussed and may be delivered by electronic mail. The minutes of any meetings of the Board of Advisors will be recorded and stored by the Secretary of DFWMM.

The Executive Committee shall review any recommendations made by the BoA for enforcement; provided, however, the Executive Committee may overrule the recommendations of the BoA by a vote of two-thirds of its executive committee members entitled to vote.

If either the BoA or the Executive Committee is concerned that that the actions of the other violate the Articles of Incorporation or these By-Laws or may cause material harm to the Corporation, it shall have the right to call a meeting of the General Body to overturn such acts. 

Refer : Constitution - Board of Advisors