GET READY kids, parents and performance leaders to showcase your talent to DFWMM community

About Us

We are a registered non-profit organization serving social and cultural interests of Marathi community in Dallas - Ft. Worth metroplex and surrounding areas. From the humble beginnings in 1986, we have grown in size of upto 500+ members. The financial support comes mainly from our members and various local businesses.
Every year we host about 6-7 programs mainly around occasions of Marathi cultural significance. The organization of these events and general operation of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Maharashtra Mandal (DFWMM) is handled by committee of officials elected each year by members. We strive to offer a variety of entertainment and social programs and support the growth and presence of cultural activities in the metroplex.
DFWMM also provides a platform for talented members of the community to showcase their talents/skills during various programs/competitions. Members of DFWMM undertake Marathi classes for kids to teach them the rich Marathi language.
...and most important of all, we make sure that everybody has a great time !! 
We encourage you to become a member and join the community.