Amar Bansi Concert tickets now open for all.

BMM 2019 Volunteer Registration

I am interested in working as a volunteer for the DFW BMM convention to be held in Dallas in July 2019. I understand and acknowledge the following:

  1. Volunteers will be privy to internal details related to the convention. They will keep such information confidential and follow the agreed upon mode/protocol of communication for all internal and external communications
  2. Leadership role in each committee (Chair Person and Co-chair) will require significant time commitment (more than 15 hours per week on the average over the next 2 years)
  3. The demand for time commitment will substantially increase as we approach the final 6 to 8 months of the convention
  4. Volunteers may get assigned to a committee that is not in their preference list
  5. Every volunteer will be required to purchase a ticket in timely manner (or make donation) just as any other attendees. (there will not be any exception)
  6. We are the hosts of the convention and as a result we, as volunteers, may not be able to watch some of the programs if they coincide with our volunteer duties
  7. Volunteer assignments may change during next 2 years as needed
  8. Volunteers selected for BMM 2019 activities should become DFWMM member, if not already.
  9. Finally, all volunteers are expected to have a positive, compromising and accommodating attitude towards the entire process and towards each other. 
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